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Due to covid/supply chain please call for prices. Once pricing has stabilized we can republish our price list. 925.820.2628

Lee Arbach Toulemne River California
Lee Arbach Toulemne River California

Until this Shopping Cart Checkout is fully functioning, please phone in your order/questions to our  professional and friendly sales staff and/or go to our main company site Authorized Whitewater Rafts and Cataraft Dealer for Rocky Mountain Rafts RMR – The Boat People Inflatable Kayak & Raft Specialists which has a State-Of-The-Art secure Shopping Cart. We are also authorized dealers for AIRE, Maxxon, NRS, Tributary, Innova, MTI, Cannon Paddles, Ortlieb…

Purchase RMR Rafts and Kayaks with Paypal
Purchase RMR Rafts and Kayaks with Paypal

Thank you for your patronage, Lee Arbach, owner. Whitewater Rafts Dealer Since 1982

Purchase RMRaft Rocky Mountain Rafts

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Rocky Mountain Rafts Whitewater Rafts and Catarafts Specialists
The Boat People Inflatable Kayak & Whitewater Rafts Specialists
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Phone: 925-820-2628 Pacific Time Zone

9:00 AM – 6:30 PM, Mon thru Fri. pacific time, and most Saturdays as well. Sunday afternoons we are generally closed.
If you would like to stop by please call first.

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We’ve built a reputation in the Bay Area and the United States as one of the most honest Rocky Mountain Rafts RMR, inflatable boat, inflatable rafts, and inflatable kayaks businesses out there, so you needn’t worry about us disappearing into the netherworld of evaporating webpages with your money or credit card number. Our online shopping cart uses the fully secure Authorize.net system.

Many RMRaft Rocky Mountain Rafts websites talk of their employees using what they sell — which may be true enough — but since we rented rafts and i.k’s for over two decades, we’ve seen the worst case scenario for a lot of our inventory. Sharing our rental experiences and retail customer feedback clearly helps you compare similar products to make an informed decision, and we don’t gloss over any negative feedback we get. People who have spent any time chatting with us know this to be true. If we end up with a lot of bad feedback on a product we have not personally used, chances are very high that product will be eliminated from our website.

Catalogs and webpages that only speak in a positive light for every item within seem useless to us. If each little widget is perfect, which little widget should you buy? Ditto for all the websites that contain nothing more than copy & paste info from various manufacturer’s websites. Parroting manufacturer’s catalogs, as 99% of them do (the vast majority of AIRE’s dealers are the best example), is not conducive to helping you make a decision. You may be shocked at the way we seem to find negatives in much of what we sell, but that does not mean they are bad products. We just want you to know about any warts or shortcomings before you plonk down your money. It keeps our customers satisfied, and it dramatically decreases our returns. We also try not to be excessively negative about items we don’t carry, but if something really is inferior we want you to know the reasons why.

Thank you! Lee Arbach, owner since 1982

Most Professional RMR Dealer in the Nation