RMR PaddleCat PC-120 Frameless Cataraft

RMR PaddleCat PC-120 Frameless Cataraft is Rocky Mountain Raft’s value priced frameless Paddlecat – now available. For less than the cost of many tandem inflatable kayaks or mini-rafts, the RMR PaddleCat offers a lightweight option for both big water and steep creeks. The 23” main tubes are larger than most of the Shredder knock-offs on the market, and the 53 pound weight is less than or equal to most of them.

RMR PaddleCat PC-120 Frameless Cataraft
RMR PaddleCat PC-120 Frameless Cataraft

RMR PaddleCat PC-120 Frameless Cataraft Specs

The non-inflatable floor is raised up 8” from the bottom of the side main tubes, leaving you a generous depth of 15” if you need to stow a drybag or two. This deep interior area also means your seating position is more comfortable compared to the “high-kneed” way you sit in many selfbailing rafts with thick inflatable floors.

The width of the Rocky PaddleCat is 5’8” – a bit wider than some of the more flippy competition – and the length is 11’9” for fast pivoting. Cockpit dimensions are 22” wide by 3’ long. The material is the same beefy 2000 denier fabric that RMR uses on all their river rafts, and there are two large D-rings on each side along with four smaller ones on the thwarts. If you wish to make a custom frame for the PaddleCat, the top center to center width is 45”, so the max frame should not be more than 4’ wide. It’s intended primarily for paddling, so there are no frame chafers.

Air Chambers on RMR PaddleCat PC-120 Frameless Cataraft

Rocky made this model with just two air chambers, and designed the bulkhead locations to maximize not only resistance to tacoing, but also to integrate the thwarts as part of the main chambers. This works far better with any Shredder-type cat than trying to make the two little thwarts separate air chambers.

There is a little front splash deck like the original Shredder, and it could probably be used to stow one or two small drybags. The warranty is five years for private boaters. Call us to see what colors we have. We will probably try to keep blue, and either orange or red for the time being. We’re guessing the price will increase next year.